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April’s birthstone is the diamond.   The diamond is considered by many to be the ultimate stone – one of the reasons is that it’s the hardest substance on Earth; nothing can scratch a diamond other than another diamond. In fact, the word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adamastos,” which means “invincible”.

Diamonds have been revered throughout history; they can be found decorating crowns, swords and emblems. They’ve also been credited for having certain medicinal properties.  In the Middle Ages, they believed that the best way to cure a disease was to take the diamond into bed with you to warm it up first. This way, it could draw out toxins.

Interestingly enough, a diamond in its uncut state resembles a plain pebble. Today, the value of a diamond largely depends on how skillfully it is cut and faceted.  Currently, South Africa remains the top diamond producer. Diamond deposits can also be found in Venezuela, Australia, Russia, Thailand, Guyana and Brazil.

Here are our picks for some great frames that are inspired by the glittering diamond!

Kata Reverse 3


JL 1634

DY 063SG

BJ - Thunderstruck