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Great customer service is very important to us here at B. Robinson/Legacie and our customer service department works hard to show it everyday! In this addition of Spotlight On, we introduce you to our long time customer service team member, Lindsey!

How long have you worked for BR|LGC?  5½ years

Job Title & Description? I am the Director of Customer Service

Do you need glasses? Yes, I am blind. I can’t see a thing without ’em!

Where are you from and where do you currently live? I was born in Manhattan but when I was 3 my family moved to NJ then to Korea…. and then we moved back and forth a few times. Now I am back in NJ and I’ve lived here for about 10 years at this point.

What is your favorite “not for tourists” thing to do in NYC? Recently I went bike riding along the West Side Highway – I really enjoyed it and as an added bonus it’s a great workout!

Where did you go to college? What was your major? Rutgers University where I majored in Psychology.

Where’s your favorite TV show? Selling New York & LA

What’s your favorite movie? Don’t laugh at me… Titanic :)

My Heart will go On – Jack & Rose

What’s your coffee/tea order? Iced coffee w/ 2 equals and cream

What’s your favorite style/color in the Legacie collections and why? DY 003 01 SS/BO [shown below in color 02]. This is my everyday frame- very simple and comfortable.

Describe yourself with three words. Hard-working [editor’s note – we agree!], Stubborn, Sensitive

What’s your favorite comfort food? Korean food

Number One Played Song on your iPod? The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes

Do you have any secret skills or hobbies? My new hobby is gardening.  I have a mini-vegetable garden in front of my house. Right now I’m growing red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and Japanese eggplant. It requires a lot of work but I find it rewarding since I can eat fresh vegetables everyday.

If you could go ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, where would it be? Maldives

What is your favorite summer activity? BBQing with family & friends

Thanks Lindsey, you’re the best!